Crazy environmentalists still abusing our children at school

Here’s more on the reaction to the comprehensive report that human-hating environmentalists have infiltrated our schools and are trying to indoctrinate our children with the man-made global warming religion.

This indoctrination was first given the green light to start in earnest under the Labour government about 15 years ago, although it was unofficially being introduced into schools decades before. We now have a situation where it is almost impossible to teach ‘science’ without it being cloaked with the indoctrination. Teachers have even discussed this on the Times Higher Education website, some expressing concerns highlighted by the report into the indoctrination campaign:

“It’s done to death in UK schools across a range of subjects and in nearly all year groups. We risk turning them off it.”

“Blimey, it is virtually impossible to do any science topic without some reference to greenhouse effect/global warming/climate change having to be included.”

“It has become a bit of a joke in my higher groups that on the long exam questions the words carbon dioxide and global warming will always get a mark regardless of the question!”

Sadly, we already have damaged generations coming out of school with no hope for the future, convinced they are going to die as a result of man-made climate change.

You know, this isn’t far off those in North Korea who leave school believing the supreme leader of their country, Kim Jong-un, is actually a god who must never be questioned. It is political indoctrination, and it is happening right now, today, in our British classrooms. Yet, it is illegal.

Michael Gove, the Secretary of State for Education read the original report with concern. His spokesman said, “Ministers are clear that the new national curriculum must equip young people with the core knowledge they need to understand the weather, climate, the earth’s atmosphere, physical geography and the interaction between nature and the environment.

“That means in both science and geography, pupils must learn the facts and processes which underpin public discussion of climate change. They must be equipped with the scientific knowledge to make their own judgements about political responses. They must not be directed towards a particular campaigning agenda.

“Schools should not teach that a particular political or ideological point of view is right – indeed it is against the law for them to do so. Great care should be exercised to make sure information provided to students is scientifically rigorous. It is important that any material used in the classroom is rooted in science, not driven by the aims of a campaign.”

Nevertheless the human-hating environmentalists‘ propaganda goes on and on drip feeding itself into the impressionable minds of our young. Here’s the latest:

The Climate Change Schools Project (How much funding do they get?!), included an activity for children to be given police officer-style notebooks. They were to ‘book’ themselves, friends or family members if they saw them wasting energy or performing other ‘climate unfriendly’ actions. This is reminiscent of Stasi philosophy in East Germany.

One Scottish education programme is intended to create teams of ‘eco- warriors’ (their term) who are involved in proselytising.

In a French A-Level language course, the French text set for translation reads, in English, “Nobody can deny it, scientists are unanimous and we see it every day: never in the history of humanity have the dangers been so great. . . We are in the course of meticulously destroying the air, the water, the climate. . . and the animals. You and your friends have a rendezvous with history. Become responsible consumers. . . and be advocates for life and citizens of the Earth.”

A revision guide for English adjectives gives zero marks for “global warming is bad” but if the student writes, “global warming is a serious and very worrying issue” it will be “much better – the adjectives will impress the examiner”.

A General Certificate of Secondary Education revision guide says, “Climate change isn’t something that is going to happen in the future – it’s happening now! Disasters, like the severe droughts in Niger, in sub-Saharan Africa, in 2005–06 and 2009, are wrecking people’s lives more and more frequently. And it’s going to get worse.”

A geography textbook suggests that climate change is worse than nuclear war, famine and plague — a claim taken directly from a pamphlet published by a ‘passionate’ green activist.

A report of a joint visit to a Norfolk school by a group from the University of East Anglia — epicentre of the Climategate scandal, where thousands of leaked emails showed exactly how the ‘global warming science’ was being concocted  — and renewable energy companies set out: “As the day begins, the students are informed that the Earth’s remaining reserves of fossil fuels have finally been exhausted and, as a result, the fabric of what we consider normal life has immediately started to crumble. No more light, no more heat, no more iPods. No more anything, in fact, meaning something needs to be done – and soon – before the world falls into total chaos.”

A physics question included: ‘I think wind turbines are a good idea as global warming from burning coal is an increasing problem and needs to be stopped.’

An economics paper included, “Explain why developed rich countries should provide money to poorer, developing countries so that they can reduce their CO2 emissions.”

Come on.  We need to stop all this child abuse.  Now.

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  1. For once I can agree with you. There is a concerted and consolidated effort to indoctrinate children in school. What you do not seem to appreciate, – whilst attempting to wake us all up – is that this has been going on for decades and springs from the United Nations which NO PARTY DISAGREES WITH, including the head of the Conservatives, the puffy faced Tory, David Cameron. I quote from the United Nations:

    “Moving towards the goal of sustainability requires fundamental changes in human attitudes and behaviour. Progress in this direction is thus critically dependent on education and public awareness. The concept of sustainable development – as this document suggests – is not a simple one, and there is no road map to prescribe how we should proceed. Yet time is short, and we are called upon to act without delay. We must move ahead now, in a spirit of exploration and experimentation and with the broadest possible range of partners, so as to contribute through education to correcting trends that place in jeopardy our common future.”

    Also read Chapter 36 of Agenda 21 and what was planned for global education – and which is being executed by ALL PARTIES, including your beloved David Cameron.

    Please also see the European directives which ensured that David Cameron allowed the fields in the South to flood – for biodiversity and sustainability of the wildlife.

    You have got to stop believing what your chosen leaders say, and start getting a bit of critical thought going – and NO – dont tell the rest of us - because youre just not up to speed.

    Talk back to me if you are confused and need to know more.


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