Environmentalists’ child abuse is worse than we thought

We really need to be concerned about the propaganda our children are being fed.

Actually, we should be concerned about the propaganda we adults are being fed. Most of us as householders have ‘accepted’ the con about ‘recycling’. We are forced to examine every single piece of rubbish and catalogue it into one of an ever increasing number of bins we are provided with. Cleverly, to make us keep thinking about it, the pick-ups or emptying days are forever changing.

Should I put out my garden waste bin today or is it my food waste? Ah, no it’s paper and cardboard.

The whole purpose of this is to keep reinforcing the propaganda that we have been hypnotised to believe. As any good religion will tell you, the act of praying x number of times each day is an act designed to self-reinforce the original belief system. The more times you pray each day the more times you re-hypnotise yourself and keep fully under the ‘spell’ of the original suppressant your parents instilled in you from birth.

The human-hating environmentalists designed ‘recycling’ as a method of doing exactly the same thing. Very rarely are the majority of things you sort into their different categories actually ‘recycled’ in any useful manner. But, that’s unimportant.

What’s important is that you believe what you have been told to believe. Yes, you have to accept that humans are bad and they make a mess. You are guilty of making a mess, and it is very wrong. Only by sorting all your mess into different piles every day will you be saved. Complying means the human-hating environmentalists have won and you have accepted their propaganda.

But, more worrying than anything that’s being done to adults is what is being done to our children. It is all but impossible to pass any exam at any level in any subject, without having to spout the propaganda of global warming.

A careful analysis just published indicates that the human hating environmentalists have infected the whole education system, and that the simplest exam questions are impossible to answer and ‘pass’ without including a re-spouting of global warming propaganda.

Man-made Global Warming, despite remaining an unproven theory, is being taught as a ‘fact’ in schools across all subject areas, bizarrely, including economics, French, and geography.

Horrifically, young children are being taught that they are going to die and it’s all their parents’ fault.

Children are actually being taught that there is nothing to live for. The world will have ended before they can get to university, so there’s no point in anything.

Why are we allowing the human-hating environmentalists to brainwash and frighten our children this way? Surely it’s child abuse. It has to be stopped.