I probably watch most new comedy via BBC3. And of course I watch Family Guy and American Dad via BBC3.

A lot of people watch BBC3, and that’s not just those within its target audience of 16 to 35 year olds. It is the home of some pretty awful programming, but, more importantly, a million hidden gems within the schedule that go on to become classics. Maybe you’ve heard of Little Britain or Gavin and Stacy or Torchwood or Being Human or The Mighty Boosh. Not to mention the various other comedy streams, the drama streams and the music streams, that between them give exposure to new ideas and new formats.

Well, the idea is to kill them all off. Dead. Innovation via the BBC is to go.

Fecking stupid idea. Prepare to lose a generation. Again.

Naturally, of course, they haven’t bothered attacking the more traditional and ‘highbrow’ channels and services like BBC4. True, BBC4 costs a lot less than BBC3, but it is viewed by a lot less than BBC3. But, like Radio 3, it appeals to those that rule us and control things like the BBC. Services they like, services that reflect their culture, become untouchable, of course.

Despite BBC2 and BBC4 having an extremely similar demographic audience whilst BBC3 appeals to new audiences and generates new programming strands unavailable elsewhere, and despite BBC3’s audiences at times exceeding those of both BBC2 and BBC4 put together, the safe traditional programming of documentaries about how to organise an embassy ball, or the history of blue coloured butterflies, prevails over the new and creative genres.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, they are saying that BBC3 content will mutate to being online. Well, producing the content is the most expensive part of the cost of BBC3, so that seems unlikely, logically.

So, here I am joining the campaign to save BBC3. Yes, there is crud on it. Yes, there is stuff on it that old people won’t get. But there is so much good stuff. And fun.

In the 1960s the old folk of the day hated the offshore pirate radio stations for bringing the youth of the day exciting and new programming ideas. And fun.

It’s my view that BBC3 has to be saved and attacks on youth programming, like the attacks on the 1960s offshore pirate radio, need to be stopped this time. It is wrong to let them get away with closing down what the youth of today enjoy.

Don’t let them take it away!