What’s that sun doing to us?

Where’s the bloody snow?

All long range weather forecasts said that by now we in the UK should be having to take it in turns to stand on each other’s shoulders in order to reach air. The snow was going to be thick and relentless.

I’m not talking about the almost daily predictions of snow that have featured in the Daily Express since last summer, with death by Snowmageddon our only future. No, I’m talking about the long range forecasts for snow across the UK. I remember it.  Quite definitely it was going to be snow.

It seems that wibbly wobbly jet stream thing has kept us warm and moist, ok wet, very wet, whilst deciding to go wibbly wobbly all over Canada and North America instead. They are suffering with record lows and record dumps of snow all over them, and not over us.

Part of the problem is down to all the variables when it comes to weather forecasting. As the climate evolves and the weather responds we have no idea what the heck is going on.  The Northern Hemisphere is particularly susceptible to last minute changes due to sunspot activity. Yep, it’s all down to the sun. Again.  Our sun is being very very quiet.

Why isn’t the study of the sun and its influence on our climate given a more important place when it comes to dishing out money for research? If we understood it properly, we’d even get to understand and predict the weather.