Islamic Sparks with Marks

People watching the aftermath of the story of the Marks and Spencer‘s employee who, just before Christmas, politely refused to serve a customer trying to buy a bottle of alcohol, will be pleased to know that Marks and Spencer have revised their policy to ensure that customers will never feel intimidated or embarrassed again.

It took them a good few days to come round to this public grovelling apology. And so they should.

It has to be stressed that the original incident wasn’t aggressive, and the refusal was done very apologetically. But what organisation employs people who can’t do the job they are employed to do? Would Specsavers employ completely blind people to give customers a sight test? Would Royal Mail employ people who can’t read or write to sort and deliver mail? Would a person who always faints at the sight of blood get a job as a heart surgeon? No, no, no.

Ok, the difference is of course that the Marks and Spencer employee is perfectly capable of handling alcohol and pork, but has chosen not to. The Qu’ran only forbids the consumption, not the handling, especially considering that the products are not open but contained or wrapped.

Something deeper is going on, of course. The more radical and extreme face of Islam is forcing its bizarre rules upon us, but it’s not logical. That employee should, using the same criteria, not serve anybody buying non-Halal meat.

To be fair, Halal meat is being slowly forced upon us and so it may be that Marks and Spencer no longer stocks humane meat.

Animals killed in accord with the barbaric Halal and Kosher rituals suffer a lingering and painfully slow death, yet nearly all meat served by takeaways is Halal. Large percentages of our supermarkets, and nearly all local convenience stores are automatically Halal, refusing to stock humane meat for customers to purchase.

The slow yet careful side-lining of humane meat in favour of Halal has meant that the Subway chain is slowly phasing out bacon as a meat choice. It has already disappeared completely in areas with high levels of Muslim population. Quite often this is in fear of the premises being attacked or staff being harassed. More likely it is because all the employees are Muslim. There are only a few branches of KFC left that offer bacon, and McDonald‘s can’t be far off having to ban it from its menus. The dangers any seller of bacon or other humane meat faces are that when the Islamic spotlight is turned on them, their businesses will be finished.

I’m assuming this is why Marks and Spencer was happy to allow its employees to set the agenda over what could or could not be bought by its customers.

Looking at the bigger picture, should we really be allowing this country to turn its back on humane meat in order to be poltically correct and to accept what Islam forces onto non-Musims (or ‘Kafirs‘ as we ‘infidels’ are kindly referred to)? What will happen next? British women forced to wear the veil?

Islam, like any cancerous religious virus, is slowly slowly spreading and establishing itself as a new ‘norm’ in what is essentially NOT an Islamic country. When the politically correct arseholes in authority that are allowing this wake up to what’s going on, it’ll be far too late to stop it or to go back to freer and more humane ways.