Noodles in Tomato Soup

Well, with Christmas Day over for another year, it’s time for reflection.

The stress, the fights, the arguments, the expectations, the build-up only to be disappointed, let down, the tears, the horror of the aftermath of a day when very drunk people are forced to spend time with people they don’t like much, eating food they don’t like much, and the concluding that in the new year they really must divorce that person they don’t like much. For another year, however, they’re all done and dusted.

It’s vaguely possible that there are a small percentage of people, probably children, who survived Christmas Day without disappointment, anger, or a feeling of loss. Hey, maybe next year will be their disappointing Christmas.

I’m not Christian, so I have no reason to celebrate Christmas, and the Winter Solstace the Christians stole to make their saviour’s birthday is actually a few days before.

However, I remain convinced that Christmas is for children, but with no young children around these days, I have reverted to Christmas Day just being another day for me.

Shout ‘bah humbug‘ if you wish, but there are no Christmas decorations up, no Christmas tree, nothing Christmassy beyond the decorative aspect of the Christmas cards that are ‘up’ on display, annoyingly occupying space in places that look better without cards there occupying space.

And as for the Christmas Day just gone. Well, for most of the day I was alone. On my own. Well, apart from two cats who had no idea that the day was any different to any other. They correspondingly spent the day either sleeping on radiator beds, demanding food, going back to radiator beds, or eventually getting up and going out to stalk around outside.

Did I have a Christmas dinner you ask? Well, you didn’t ask. You don’t really care. But, it makes me feel better to pretend there are lots of you who care and are asking. Deep down I know you’re not asking. Sigh.

Anyway, my Christmas dinner consisted of me finding out to my horror that Just Eat was closed. Just Eat is the best of a few on-line accesses to takeaway and delivery services that serve my home. We rarely cook to be honest, and life is either eating out or having a delivery. When it’s delivery time, Just Eat is there to help us choose, click, and ensure that our culinary desires are delivered hot and steamingly to our door.  Hey, I’ve even got an app for that! (More at

But Just Eat was offline with a ‘Happy Holidays‘ type message instead of a list of menus.


In a daze I staggered into a room we call the kitchen. I’m not sure of its primary function but it has a few ‘white goods’ in it. The freezer and the fridge had no food in them. Well, nothing that looked edible. I mean eggs with ‘Use by Sept 28th‘ are probably not safe, right?

In the cupboard were tins of Heinz Tomato soup. And thousands of packets of instant noodles. Where had these come from? Did we win them or something?

Anyway, my culinary expertise and ability to make a meal out of anything, had me microwaving the noodles as they were covered with tomato soup.

So, no lie, Christmas Day, whilst you were sitting down to a full-on roasted dinner with crackers, party hats and lots of noise, I was sat on my own listening to Chill Radio and eating noodles in tomato soup. Wearing a Batman onesie.