The school photo that could never be

This is, obviously, a joke cartoon.  I spotted it posted by somebody on Facebork. I stole it and brought it here:


Now, the thing is, it does indeed highlight one of the potential oddities of societies within which women are forced and conditioned to hide themselves under shapeless and identical ‘blankets’ whenever they are in the presence of anybody but their given husband.  But, it suddenly dawned on me that such a school photo would be next to impossible.

Here’s the issue.  The societies which demand that women cannot be ‘seen’ in public, are the societies that do not allow women to go to school.  Hence, my original point that such a school photo could never actually happen.

In societies where the burka is imposed on women, were some to sneak out to try to get education, they would suffer, as is repeatedly happening, physical attacks and murder for daring to commit such a crime.

Those maiming or killing girls for going to school are never prosecuted.  It is seen as a justifiable punishment for such a sin.

In most countries where hard-line Islamification has taken place, especially those where the population is already mentally immature, girls are a piece of property, not a human being.  They have to know their place. Step out of place and it is acceptable to pour acid over them, maim them in other ways, or kill them.

Girls who are murdered because they dared to learn to read and write, are being given an acceptable punishment for their crime.  Those who ‘punish’ them are adhering to an ‘honour system’ right.  Yep, the killing of a girl who tries to learn to read and write, and has therefore brought dishonour on her family (How does this idea make any sense?), is perfectly within their right.  It’s actually expected of them.

Indeed, girls are groomed from birth to do all the chores around the home, including assisting with the parents’ child rearing.  This is the only education they are allowed. At the average age of about 12 they are given to a man they’ve never met, to be one of his wives.  This is in exchange for money or goods.  Not for her, but for her father and brothers. The girls have absolutely no say in any of this.  It is quite a terrifying process for the bewildered girl.

Yet, all this is lost on some of the Western women (usually of Christian origin) who rise to the defence of the wearing of the burka.  They believe that it is a voluntary thing.  They believe the wearers are doing it out of choice to save themselves from the unwanted gaze of men.  These Western women saying this are, of course, delusional.  They have no idea of life imposed upon women under the burka.

Variations of the burka are now quite harsh and unflattering. Once upon a time they were sensual. Indeed, the more delicate and sensual veils used to be used by Arabic women before the rise and the march of Islamification, as a sexual tease for men.  Heck, we’ve all heard of the dance of the seven veils.  But, the veil, and then the burka (which is never sensual), were changed in their purpose and imposed upon women as a form of their control.

Now there are countries where the march of Islamification is progressing quite rapidly.  We’ve all heard about the two British teenagers who had acid thrown over them in Zanzibar where Islam is becoming more radical and it was decided the girls were inappropriately dressed and had been heard singing during Ramadan.

As Islam takes hold of a country, it imposes extremist values on the existing inhabitants, just as Christianity did when it invaded the UK.

Already there are areas of the UK being patrolled by Muslim extremists, with non-Muslim women being told they are not allowed in the street unless they are wearing clothes that cover them completely.  Slowly the route to the burka is being implemented within the UK, freedom of choice is being removed from women in those areas.

Yet, the non-Muslim apologists for the wearing of veils and burkas don’t seem to object.  Why?