Rabid Rabbi rues reason and free thinking

Some retiring rabid rabbi is slagging off our society, as old people do, but not apologising for the pure evil that his religion and derivatives are and the terror they forced us to live under until we started to break free. Today’s society has many faults but they are as nothing compared to life controlled by the religions.

How dare he slag off our freeing minds.

Last month, Lord Sachs, in the typical moans of a 65 year old, declared our society was “losing the plot” adding our “culture” was to blame and that “when you begin to lose faith and society becomes very, very secularised“.


cerabbisacksThis is a good thing, not a bad thing, matey-mate.  Secularisation is the first big step towards freedom of thought. Freedom to consider reality and make balanced responses to it based on logic and science rather the rantings of 2,000 year old books written about quite immature and bitter war-driven superstitious child tribes wandering around the Middle East.

For far too long we’ve had the Middle Eastern religions, Judaism and its offshoot Christianity, running things and interfering in our lives. To this day, they still have controlling interests in our system of Government, guaranteed places in the House of Lords (and Bishops!). What an advantaged position for those wishing to hide all the abuse of children that comes as standard with any ‘faith’ based religious group, of course.

Secularism is the separating of the running of the state system from those who run the religions. How can that be a bad thing? It allows that system to adapt and renew and repair itself based on the discovery of the latest information and facts, rather than be held back by the delusional illogical beliefs of desert children.

It’s understandable that those who are in charge of stopping free thinking will react against the global movement away from religion. It’s no different to the bleating of the flint axe-makers on learning that there was a movement towards axes made of metal. Even so, some evolution can’t be stopped.

As well as Lord Sachs having his brain infected with a religion that positively hates those not infected with the same, he is old.

Old people moan about ‘the youth of the day’ and how it’s ‘not like the old days’. That’s what he’s doing. But, he’s doing it from a position of power and influence. And obvious confusion and contradiction:

At one point he was saying, “It’s not the fault of one government or another, and it’s not even the fault of government, it’s the fault of what we call culture, which is society talking to itself.” Then he was saying, “I think the government has not done enough. Although I don’t take a political stance… I don’t think the government has done enough at all.

Aha. Nice bit of not taking a political stance there, from a man who has caused so many deaths by instructing his drones to not allow organ donation or to accept any transplant because it’s not mentioned in a book written thousands of years ago.

Still, at least he’s gone now. I’m guessing the one that replaced him will still be as bad. He’s also suffering from the religion virus. But, slowly we are learning to not bother listening to the religious nutters any more.