Radio Caroline’s promise of performance

(A guest article written by Peter Moore) 

(Responding to my award-winning commentary about Radio Caroline fans here.)

Hold On Christopher, you are on a bit of a Radio Caroline roll here and nobody could accuse you of mincing your words. I don’t really want you probing the nest of wrinkly old hornets, if I have to pick the stings out of me. What you say is correct, but that does not carry much weight here.

I noticed that a Rock station of some sort recently set up a subscription web stream. I think it provided higher than usual audio quality and maybe an opt out from the ads. A number of the listeners turned against the owner in a major way, accusing him of ‘fat cat’ profiteering. This was notwithstanding that they could still listen to the standard output for nothing.

You mention Sunrise and I had noted that they were asking for help, but they are not alone. NPR public radio in the USA is listener funded and most of the Fire and Brimstone preachers you hear on the net and SW are quick to ask for money that they may describe as Gifts To The Lord.

More particularly there is Premier Christian Radio in London etc. On their site you immediately see a button saying DONATE NOW.  In terms of an implied contract with their listeners they say the following in inviting their donators to pray ::::

“That God would move in many hearts to help Premier Radio reach our financial target so that we can continue providing a wide range of resources, across a variety of platforms, to help change lives”.

Now, I don’t see the Hellfire preachers promising that they will not use the gifts for the Lord to buy nice homes and some well fit mistresses. I don’t see Sunrise or Premier promising not to pay their own salaries from donations.

In the particular case of Caroline, our stall is set out like this.

We are all prepared to work for no wages.

You don’t have to listen to our programmes.

You can listen for nothing.

If you want, you can donate.

We promise to use all of this money to:

A) keep making and sending the programmes.

B) keep making repairs and improvements to the ship Ross Revenge.

You would think that one of those options would suit all, but as you are observing, in a few cases it does not. There is of course the additional requirement to spend the donations in the most satisfactory way.

It is not, as some feel, a matter of life or death. I said to an ex-colleague a few weeks ago, who was saying that she would like to rejoin us and that I should be very proud of Caroline, ‘Look, around the country there are hundreds, and around the world there are thousands, of people sitting in studios, talking in to microphones and then pressing buttons to make music play. We are just one more example of that.’

Peter Moore.
(Guest Author)