Wear a boot on your head for man-made global warming

So, in Chicago they’ve just had the Seventh Annual International Climate Change Conference.  This event is a somewhat sceptical event, drawing together those who are looking for empirical evidence that man has any contribution to global warming and climate change.

Being sceptical means of course that the majority of the speakers and audience are generally not part of the highly funded eco-loonies who push the global warming meme as part of their indoctrination attempt in order to help build the New World Order to control us.

One highly funded group called “Face the Facts” did the best it could, but only managed to bring 30 ‘protesters’ to make a noise outside the conference.  These are people who at all costs want us to believe that the world is warming and evil mankind is to blame.

Participants from the conference headed onto the street to try to engage the protesters in debate.  They were having none of it.  Not even the bearded guy wearing a boot on his head.

It’s amazing to realise that really and truly the whole ‘belief’ in man-made global warming/climate change is now down to these remaining, er, ‘ambassadors’ now.  Most normal, rational people finally know it’s all been a very expensive load of bollocks, and the planet is not warming but cooling anyway.  Humans aren’t to blame for that, either, and the truth is seriously messing the eco-loonies heads up.  Take a look at them…