They want you dead

What is it with those suffering from the Global Warming religion?  They hate humanity soooo much, that they want drastic measures taken to reduce the population, and they want, ahem, ‘treatment’ for those who disagree.

It’s all gone a little bit mad.

She thinks we’re all maaaaaad.

Actually, it’s all gone a bit Stalinist and authoritarian.

First there’s this crazy woman Professor Kari Norgaard, who appeared at the ‘Planet Under Pressure’ luxurious shingdig full of eco-loonies on a humanity-hating affirmation exercise ultimately paid for from our taxes. Quite simply, she advocates ‘treatment’ for anybody scientifically questioning the man-made climate change religious dogma she believes in.

Hmmmm.  Is this not on a par with what the Catholics did to those who dared question the dogma that the earth is flat?  It’s a return to the horrifying days of Nazi eugenics, designed at removing ‘impurities’ from humanity.

Second, there’s this guy Keith Farnish who’s written a book much worshipped by the eco-loonies, which advoactes the activists ensuring the destruction of cities and the blowing up of dams and removing any form of industrialisation or progress in our world.  Indeed, he goes further than that.  He demands a systematic culling of whole sections of humanity.  Some have suggested this should be any child aged 3 or under, others suggest it should be people over a certain age, such as 60 or 70.  Those that are left would be subjected to control over how they were allowed to reproduce, with forced termination for anybody not having permission to have a child.

For all of this, these people demand a single global government drawn from the United Nations with sweeping powers to monitor and control the humanity they hate so readily.

NASA’s own global warming fear-mongerer, Dr James Hanson endorses Farnish’s book saying, “Keith Farnish has it right: time has practically run out, and the ’system’ is the problem.”

Hanson was the guy who in 1988 was one of the leading players in getting the global warming hoax started by testifying to a United States Senate hearing that the world was going to end, allowing the elite who want to fully control humanity to subsequently hijack the environmental movement and slowly convert it to the multi-billion dollar industry it is today at our expense.

Now, the true liberations out there will agree that to censor anybody who has an opinion or a crackpot belief is wrong.  Those within a religion should be free to spout their beliefs, just as those who are atheists.  Those who support a radical left-wing or a radical right-wing point of view should be free to express themselves.  We shouldn’t censor thoughts and ideas, no matter how crazy they might be, as long as they don’t hurt anybody.  Censorship should only be used when an act of intimidation is focussed against an individual or group and could be called bullying.

But, one has to ask, how far away from needing censorship are these haters of humanity?

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