Farts is funny

We all do it.

Especially women of course.

Some men, even some women, do it discretely and quietly.  Women are particularly adept at the ‘roll-squeeze’ in order to try to ease it out secretly.

Others do it loudly and proudly.

We all fart.

Even the Queen farts.  Oh yes she does.

I don’t have a problem with farting.

Well, maybe being trapped in a lift in a grey cloud of somebody else’s smelly fart is not a good thing. But, to my mind, generally speaking, a person farts and then, well, so what?

Well, there’s something odd about a person farting in company. They fart and then they laugh at their own farts. They don’t laugh at other people’s farts, just their own. Why is that?

So, a group of three or four folk spending time with each other will all take turns at farting over the evening. Yet, each one will only laugh after their own fart. Maybe the others will feign disgust for a few moments, but the farter will laugh.