BBC2 Programme for Stoners

Ok, so I keep funny hours. I don’t do the drink and drugs thing, it’s just that my lifestyle means my hours are different to ‘normal’. Hence the reason I was up at 2am having a zap around looking at what was on the air.

I found BBC2. It was 2 in the morning. It was replaying bizarre trippy CBebbies kids programmes. At 2 in the morning? For tiny kids? Yeah right. Ideal for those sitting up with their bong, more likely.

I’ve long been a big fan of shows like Boohbah. Indeed, hopping onto can pass an odd hour or two when I want to do nothing. But this 2am feast was Razzledazzle, complete with it’s weird trippy circles that this, er, square faced, er, Razzledazzle character stands on, saying ‘bish bash bosh’ and teaches the viewer to say stuff by clapping a beat as you say it.

Kids programme, my arse.

This was obviously designed for the late night stoner. Designed to keep his or her attention rather than them having to get up to raid the fridge. And, we should have more TV like it I say.