Politicon Snowflakes can’t take the heat

I got round to watching a bit of Politicon, the bit with an all-women panel discussion loosely titled “Sex, Presidents, and Handmaids”, moderated by ‘Lady Freak Talk Show’ hosts Grace Parra and Jen Bartels, and including Lizz Winstead, Jena Friedman and the wonderful Katie Hopkins.

There’s a caveat to this I have to add. American women do have pressures that we here in the UK have grown out of. The whole bizarre pro-life/anti-abortion versus right to choose thing is very much like stepping back into the dark ages, yet for Americans is very real. So, in this respect, I can fully appreciate a certain level of argument against it. Over here, we’ve moved on. Mainly.

ktpolSo, here we go with this panel discussion. It was like a bunch of immature children debating something that grown-ups know is irrelevant once you leave school and join the outside world. Katie was the only person right of centre. The only adult. The others were typical leftie snowflakes. They had no coherent arguments or points to make.

Whenever the conversation got difficult they would lovingly talk about ‘Hilary’ (meaning Hilary Clinton. Swoon!) as if she was the loving mother they never had, and spit and hiss random tourettes like statements about the President of the USA as if they’d personally met him. Bizarre. Incoherent.

They were also busy telling the audience that they were all victims. Mainly this was because they were women. Being women, they demanded specialist treatment in life and society, and were shocked they didn’t always get it.

In contrast Katie wanted to be treated as an equal. Equal to any man or woman, never to be given special treatment based on her gender. A far cry from the special inequality demanded by the others.

At times the snowflakes were so ‘outraged’ by Katie’s position that you could see from their body language how much contempt they felt for her. Sweaty faces and bodies half turned away from Katie explained it all. Yet these were supposedly ‘strong’ women sitting on the panel next to Katie. Twats!

What is it with this complete intolerance of ideas or beliefs that aren’t identical in every way to the narrative the left has been taught it must adhere to? They seem to live in this obscure bubble which treats those outside to mega doses of hatred. Indeed, when they are able, they will wear a mask to hide their identity and try to kill or maim those who they’ve decided to hate.

The strangest bit of all is that they will whine and whinge about ‘love not hate’ whilst ensuring the worst hate crimes against those they disagree with are perpetrated. Not just hounding them trying to hurt them or their family, digging up the graves of long dead grandparents, but intimidating employers to make them sack those they hate, campaigning en masse to have them blocked from social media, writing to commercial sponsors of any mainstream media programmes they appear on, all in order to silence and destroy them.

And all because they have views that are different to those the scary snowflakes are allowed to hold.

Back at the Politicon debate, there did seem to be times when the snowflakes seemed completely overwhelmed. Especially when the conversation was about sex and sexuality (Heck, that was in the title, ffs!). They were shocked by the level of detail Katie was happy to discuss, whilst they’d go quiet and hide their faces with their hands once they realised they were totally out of their depth.

Had they been in possession of a gun, they would have turned around and shot Katie. They’d have called it a love bullet or something.