Radio Caroline returns as Last Pirate

Radio anoraks, especially Radio Caroline anoraks, as we all know, are near death. Yes, ok, a heck of a lot of them actually are dead, dropping at a rate of about 5 a month, if you include the ones that cease anoraking as the vegetative state takes hold. That’s a bit like being dead but a kind of zombie of undeadness, and excludes them from consideration.

Most radio anoraks are in a very severe state of decay. Bits are falling off, had to be amputated, or have simply ceased working. The bright young things they might once have aspired to be (alas never achieving), are long gone. Well, except in what remains of their mind.

roskoSo, with nearly all radio anoraks about to die over the next decade or so, it is apt that a campaign be launched to try to make them leave something in their Wills for a charity.

The Remember A Charity In Your Will week was marked this year by the recreation of Radio Caroline. Indeed the promotional video showed 74 year old ‘Emperor Rosko’ on board a pirate radioship going up and down the Thames. Loads of Radio Caroline stickers and posters everywhere.

I think there’s another ‘Radio Caroline’ operating in the UK, so the actual name they used for broadcasting was ‘Last Pirate FM’.  The programming was available as a pop-up radio station across the country for the week. Joining Rosko was Tony Prince, Keith Skues and Paul Burnett, all seasoned offshore radio pirates from the days of Radio Caroline who are apparently not dead yet. They also had help from non-dead guest hosts who made their names in the 1960s like the not-dead-yet ex-model Twiggy.

The theme throughout the programming was to constantly remind the old people listening that they are going to die pretty soon. And to consider leaving some of their cash to a charity, any charity, in their Will.

Whilst this is a brilliant message, the trouble is that a recreation of Radio Caroline can only appeal to anoraks. Anoraks are usually benefit scroungers with next to no assets to pass on.

Have a look at the promotional video: