Meet the fag hag waiting for the souls of smokers

A well worn and mainly disused place for smokers to hang around, their own cigarette bin, now has a new resident.  It’s a resident that is rarely caught on camera.

Standing amongst the cigarette butts and bit of gunge that smokers (the well-known enemies of proper humanity) used to place in the bin, is the fag hag.


I don’t know if the presence of the fag hag is why smokers now believe it is their right to litter the pavement with their excrement, but that’s what they do rather than use the bin.

Have you noticed that about smokers? Why don’t they take their rubbish home with them at the end of the day?  Why just chuck it on the ground?

I was heartened to hear the tale of somebody in Liverpool standing outside of his place of work using a cancer stick, who then thought it his right to just drop it on the ground (as most of these cigarette totting criminals do).  He was then fined £80 for littering.

Ha ha ha ha.

Liverpool now has wardens going around watching for litter-bugs and issuing them with on the spot fines.


Meanwhile, the fag hag watches on from the bin the evil smokers refuse to use.  Waiting patiently to take their souls via their inevitable slow and lingering death.