Who will win the Blood Drive?

The best show ever is coming to the SyFy channel.  You must watch it. Really, you must.

Even though for British audiences some scenes have been cut, and others have black blocks superimposed over, well, penises, vaginas and breasts, it is still a completely wonderful series.


The Blood Drive is a road race a bit like the film Rat Race, but that’s not important.  Well, it IS important, but the background is more important.

You see, it’s set in an alternative 1999, where gas (petrol) is far too expensive for fast car anoraks.  Instead, supercars are powered by blood.  Human blood.  You get a random human and feed them into a mincing machine in your car’s engine.  The blood is extracted to power the car, and the remaining fleshy bits that are no good are discarded.

Yep, that’ll get you started.  It certainly is a glorious gore fest.

Are you too scared to start watching this brilliant piece of work?