Keep on thinking free


This is the man.  He’s James Damore.  James dared to challenge the goup-think that disallows free-thinking within Google.  He wrote a long memo with his observations and views on the reasons why there are, in his view, biological factors as to why there are less females in Google and other social media type tech firms.

Well, of course, this breaks a number of rules that are endemic in Universities and new-tech companies.  The rules are that free-thinking is not allowed.  Especially if those thoughts include proscribed views.  Proscribed by the alt-left censors.  The alt-left has control over most modern workplaces. Anybody with conservative or non-liberal views is an enemy.  Most of them keep their heads down, but those who, like James, dare to raise alternative viewpoints to those being rammed down everybody’s throats, are soon dispatched into oblivion.

How can this ever be right?  James Damore‘s view are his views.  Many scientists agree with him.  There are voices that disagree with him. He might be right. He might be wrong.  But true freedom is to allow him to have his own views, and to not fear expressing them.

The alt-left tries to shut-down anybody not chanting in unison with their propaganda.