Hello Angry Losers

My ol’ favourite Youtuber Pat Condell has been summing things up perfectly.

Why on earth are we still suffering the constant Remoaning from people who seem to be in denial about the fact that the United Kingdom is leaving the European Union?  It’s not helped by the fact that the BBC gives far much more airtime and credibility to Remoaners than it does to the task of moving ahead and getting the best negotiated deal.

It’s as if they are all collectively stuck in some weird twilight zone within which the referendum hasn’t happened and Article 50 hasn’t been triggered.

I can only assume it’s a bit like a divorce within which one party is in denial.  Maybe they refuse to accept that their ex has left them and has filed for divorce, and indeed, has moved on.  So, whilst the rest of the country tries to move on and make the best of things, there’s this small yet vocal minority that won’t accept that it’s over and that a divorce is in process.

Surely they should be pulling together with everybody else in order to make the best of it?   We have to stop these losers from causing problems for our country.