Time to stop the rough sleepers

Why is there so much sympathy for ‘rough sleepers’?

Several buildings in Liverpool have built wire constructions to block their doorways and make it uncomfortable for anybody trying to bed down.

As you might expect, this caused shock and outrage from the liberal elite who regularly cry their crocodile tears for ‘the homeless’.

Of course, they’d have a point if all that was happening was a person arrived with their bedding, plonked themselves down in a doorway, slept, then packed their stuff away and quietly left.

Sleeping rough figuresSadly, it doesn’t actually work like that. Ever.

In the morning the cleaners of the building are gingerly trying to avoid being stabbed by the syringes the ‘rough sleepers’ leave behind, as they pick them up to make the area safe for any children passing on their way to school. Crushed beer cans, some torn apart leaving sharp edges to use to mix their heroin and crack cocaine, the stench of urine and faeces, alongside other bodily fluids, and other debris discarded by them all has to be cleaned away.

Sometimes they sleep in, and when they wake they sit ranting abuse at passers by trying to head to work or anybody attempting to use the doorway or to clean it.

So, these are the reasons why businesses are reacting to ‘rough sleepers’ and trying to stop or protect themselves from them.

And for the liberal elite social justice warriors who have concerns about housing ‘rough sleepers’, well, here’s the thing.  They are all regularly offered places in hostels or overnight emergency shelters as a result of the ‘no second night’ policy. However, they know that they have to behave and not act aggressively or disruptively, and not use drugs in the shelter, which they refuse to do. So, they decline the offer of shelter, and stay on the streets in order to live their lifestyle of choice.

It’s time the bleating liberal elite learned the truth of the reality of the nightmare facing those who live or work in areas blighted by rough sleepers. Maybe they might even volunteer to clean up after them. I bet they don’t. They’d rather pretend they have pity for them than to get their hands dirty. Literally, dirty.