Why are progressives so conservative?

Here’s a strange thing. The misuse or misappropriation of the words ‘progressive’ and ‘conservative’. Now you’d kinda think that ‘progressive’ meant forward looking, whilst ‘conservative’ meant looking back. You’d think that ‘progressives’ would be discontent with the status quo, and constantly wanting to move forward, embracing and forging change. You’d think that ‘conservatives’ would want a status quo whilst hating and resisting change.

arrowsYet, really weirdly, it’s completely the opposite. It is the ‘progressives’, the ‘liberals’, who hate change. They want things to stay the same. The ‘conservatives’, in contrast, actually embrace change. They look forward, searching for new solutions to new problems. ‘Progressives’ look for old solutions to new problems.

In the UK, as an example, the ‘liberal left / progressive’ answer to issues with the railways is to ‘nationalise’ them, stepping back to the 1950s era of inefficient, overstaffed, over-priced, and over-crowding. See what I mean?

The ‘conservative right’, meanwhile, which includes Theresa May’s Conservatives, or President Donald Trump over in the US of A, are on the side of those ‘just about managing’ or those suffering hardship and disappearing jobs.

So, the immediate future looks to be a positive and exciting one in the hands of the ‘conservatives’ in this country and in America.