Feeding the lefties’ confirmation bias with wee

The left, or liberal elite, seem to have this inability to know and accept the truth. Their hatred and non acceptance of anything that doesn’t resonate with their belief system is their way of coping with situations beyond their control. For example, they are completely at a loss to understand that others have a valid but different opinion and world view to theirs.

So, when a bit of ‘fake news’ or, in other words, a lie, circulates about a politician or public figure they’ve decided they hate, they consume and regurgitate the lie ad infinitum. This is because the lie suits their confirmation bias.

Take for example, the lie that ex Prime Minister David Cameron inserted his penis into the mouth of a dead pig’s head as a student. Even Charlie Brooker on one of his cutting end of year ‘Wipe’ TV shows lamented how sad it was that it wasn’t true. He said he just wanted it to be true because it was such a great story, and make him laugh. As it did all of us. But at least Brooker accepted it was a lie.

trumpHowever, bizarrely, the snowflakes and anti-Tory haters just soaked it in and believed it. It became something to make cruel and sadistic constant references to. Direct references or sideways snipes and innuendo still pepper their outbursts to this very day. The truth doesn’t matter to the left. They are able to denigrate a public figure they’ve decided they hate. That’s what they do.

So, when the ‘fake news’ broke about Donald Trump having engaged in some ‘golden showers’ with two prostitutes whilst staying in a hotel in Russia whilst being secretly videoed, it was exactly the confirmation bias the liberal elite wanted too. It didn’t matter about it not being true. Like UFO conspiracy theorists, they ‘want to believe’. Oh, how they want to believe. It suits their mental state, their need to find extreme fault with the person they’ve decided to hate for the crime of being different to them.

And, of course, it gave them the opportunity to come out with all the cruel innuendo and memes using their usual preferred platforms of bullying, social media. Yeah, we’ve got hashtags too, #pissgate (Remember the British one was #piggate?) as well as a whole load of ever so funny cruel statements infesting social media. Statements about a lie, of course. However, since the liberal elite hate Donald Trump, the truth is irrelevant to them.

They will persist with promoting and pushing the story, despite it having no basis in fact, and having been deliberately promoted by left leaning media with the rider that it was ‘unsubstantiated’. They can put that to cover themselves, knowing full well that the mentally inflicted ‘lefties’ will just believe. To them the truth is unimportant. They don’t need a good bit of hate slur to be ‘substantiated’.

Hence why lies about golden showers will never go away, just as lies about penis-in-pig will never go away. Both will be woven into folklore by the left, and in a hundred years from now the population will assume both lies were actually truth.