Gays victimising women

Ok, so it seems that some weirdo decided to harass a woman on a plane.

Sadly, this happens all the time.  We live in an increasingly intolerant world.  A world where individuals get picked on, just for being born who they were born.

Yep, he slagged her off for who she was. Nothing more. Nothing less.

What was particularly disappointing was that the person harassing her was a gay man. Gay Americans should know all about harassment and how horrible it is, so he really shouldn’t have been victimising her, should he?  But he was.

He was even live tweeting about what he was doing to her, saying how he was heading up the aisle to “harass” her, which makes it even more odd and sinister. And scary.

The man, Dan Goldstein, a lawyer by profession, was on the flight with his husband and their toddler daughter.  A lawyer picking on a woman?  Yes indeed.

ivankaThe woman he’d decided to victimise was Ivanka Trump, whose sin, in his eyes, was being born Donald Trump’s daughter.

She was on board a commercial JetBlue plane with her husband Jared, when she was spotted by Goldstein.

As she sat there minding her own business, Goldstein decided that he would start to slag her off.  He was shouting at her.

The cabin crew tried to calm the twat, and Ivanka kindly said she “Didn’t want to make it a thing”. Eventually, the man was removed from the plane, for the safety of the First Daughter.

So, just imagine that the gay man had been a victim of harassment for who he was, a gay man. Just sitting on a plane, when somebody came up to him shouting and screaming about him being a gay man.

Things like that do happen, with the victim being black, or maybe Muslim, or whatever is ‘on trend’ as being the subject of hate.

If Goldstein had been victimised himself, oh how he would have kicked off and thrown a tantrum. Oh, how he would have complained about how wrong it is to attack and harass people in such a way.

Indeed, the liberal left in America make a big thing of ‘tolerance’, don’t they?  They have all their magic social media hashtags, banners, placards and lighting of candles, whenever anybody is a victim of hate.

Urm, not exactly!  If it is somebody who they’ve collectively decided can be a victim of hate, then somehow that’s all ok. Like with Ivanka Trump, for instance. In their eyes, it’s ok to spew hate-speech at her.

The left, whilst pretending that they protect and champion the rights of people to not be victimised or harassed, are extremely happy to victimise and harass the likes of Ivanka Trump, just because she dares to have been born Donald Trump’s daughter.

The left leaning American media didn’t make too much of this incident, nor did it point out how, had the tables been turned, and if had somebody being attacked for daring to be born gay, how there would be outrage and hashtags.

Not to mention, how loudly mainstream media would have wailed had it been, for example, Malia Obama, President Obama’s daughter being singled out for abuse.

It is very wrong to openly attack anybody for just being who they were born.

Yet, the left seem to think it is fine.

And, since none have come out to say, “Not in my name”, so do gays.