Liverpool panto star violently beaten up

News reaches me about a pantomime in Liverpool. And how an actor, a character in the panto, got beaten up by a bunch of about 30 kids. Yes, beaten up at a panto.

Yeah, when you first hear that you snigger, don’t you? You know, like you do when somebody trips over. First reaction is that it’s funny.

But, it actually wasn’t funny in the slightest.

Apparently, there’s a part of this panto during which a character leaves the stage and goes amongst the audience. Something to do with collecting toilet rolls he and other characters had previously been throwing out for them to catch. I’m told this is an old routine that’s been used many many times in different pantos across the decades. (Can’t say I’ve ever seen this, I’m far too grumpy to go to panto. You say, oh no you’re not? Oh yes I am!)

Anyway, so he’s out in the aisles picking up the toilet rolls, when suddenly 30 kids appear and start grabbing at him, wrestling him to the ground. Some are drop kicking him, others are doing elbow drops on him. He can’t move to get away from them. He is in pain. He is seriously hurting.

The sequence in amongst the audience should only last 20 seconds or so, but he is stuck out in the aisles for a good few minutes. He starts screaming for help, and eventually theatre staff start to come forward to try to pick the kids off him.

But, the kids, average age of 11 or 12, are on a feeding frenzy. They want to hurt him. Who knows, maybe kill him.

After more staff come forward trying to pull these violent kids off him, eventually the kids are overpowered and he is freed to limp back to the stage for safety. The staff themselves are getting punched and attacked for daring to intervene.

What a terrifying experience.

There are questions, of course. Firstly, where were the ‘responsible adults’ or parents who should have been controlling these kids? Why weren’t they instantly up and trying to pull them off the actor, and get them back to their seats? Why did they think it was ok to just let their kids brutalise an adult in such a horrific way?

kidWe’ve heard recently of schoolkids in their school uniforms mobbing and attacking police and leaving them hospitalised. So, mass attacking people is now something that 11 year olds seem to think is ok and fun to do. There are no consequences for their actions. Ever.

This can only be because adults, including parents, have completely lost control over children.

I mean, I’ve seen a kid left smashing a plastic bucket into a wall in McDonald’s again and again making a very loud banging noise until a huge dent appeared and bits crumbled off. The parent did absolutely nothing to stop them despite sitting right next to the awful child. They were far too busy on their phone, probably Facebooking, seemingly oblivious to the damage the kid was causing. Or maybe approving of it.  Who knows.

It seems that we’ve bred a generation that are now pumping out children (we probably have to pay for them too) that they have no idea how to control. Teachers and those who should also be in authority are now so frightened of the political correctness ‘police’, that they fear even daring to say or do anything to stop the kids. Tell off little Johnny, and the parent will stab you (and that’s your own fault, too!), or the authorities will sack you for invading the child’s space and quashing his or her (or non-binary) free expression.

We are all living in a permanent state of fear.

This ferocious generation is the product of the liberal elite deliberately removing discipline and control and trying to give children complete freedom to grow up in a feral state without any concept of right and wrong.

The liberal elite want to destroy society, and they are doing very well so far.