When’s the second by-election?

So, I generally find Julia Harley-Brewer a hard listen.  Her show is on talkRADIO weekdays between 10am and 1pm.

The hard listen bit is that she rarely lets anybody she is interviewing get a word in.  She talks at them about her views without allowing them to expand on theirs.  Kinda wastes a guest really.  The result for me is that I get frustrated and switch off for a bit.

However, from time to time she pulls a rabbit out of her hat.  Case in point, this brilliant interview over the phone with the newly elected and rather naive LibDem MP Sarah Olney who had just won a by-election by mainly promising a second vote on leaving the EU (Brexit).

JHB asks her when there would be a second by-election vote.  It goes rapidly down hill after that until a PR person pulls Olney from the interview.  This is going to go viral!…

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