Theresa May gets a Bush compliment

Kate Bush first appeared on the scene back in the 1970s, with a song called Wuthering Heights. Nobody understood the words, but the pitches that she used forced men’s ears to prick-up, and their heads to turn like a dog’s might on hearing a dog whistle.

Hello?” they all said as one. Kate Bush had gotten their attention.

On viewing the accompanying video, more than ears pricked-up.

So, Kate Bush had arrived.

kateShe had men’s attention, and so successfully released a number of different songs and albums over the following decades. She had herself a guaranteed audience base, regardless of the quality of her songs (and most, let’s face it, were rubbish).

And, we all grew old together.

Then, one day she dared to be honest about something. You see, musicians, artists, those entertaining the populous, are not allowed to say the kind of things she said.

It is imperative, as an entertainer, to persist with a left of centre political attitude, and to openly tut tut hatred of ‘them Tories’, accuse anybody who voted ‘Brexit’ of being a racist, and to use social media to threaten to leave the country for whatever reason has been decided by the social warriors.

Despite 99.9% of the population of the rich millionaire socialist entertainment set following this behaviour ‘law’ to the letter, it seems the memo never reached Miss Bush.

Her crime is that when recently asked by a Canadian magazine about what she thought of Theresa May, she replied that Mrs May was ‘wonderful’. She explained that she was happy that a woman was running the country, and that Mrs May was a very intelligent woman about whom there was nothing to fear.

Well, of course, the lefties, the trolls, the liberal elite, they all went apoplectic. How dare any musical artist have opinions so different to their own? Indeed, most artists don’t dare say anything to rile the lefties, lest they campaign against them and badly affect their sales and concert attendances.

So, I’m keeping my fingers crossed that Kate Bush has a future.