It’s not about the money

So, Ms Junior Doctor wearing a SWP badge and carrying a photo of Jeremy Corbyn, what will make this strike go away?

Give us exactly what we want.

What is that?

We need to be paid a lot more for attending weekends, although we can’t possibly attend for weekends, because we are working far too many hours, but we’ll work longer hours if you pay us lots and lots of money.

So, it’s about the money?

It’s not about the money, I’m forced to go on strike to ensure the safety of patients.

But how are the patients suddenly safer if you get paid more?

No, you see you don’t understand, look, it’s definitely about the patients. Pay us more money.

Isn’t the argument that patients are dying because there’s not a 7 day a week service?

It’s not our fault, we need to be paid a lot more for the work we do.

emergencySo, it’s about the money?

The patients.

Going on strike. Will there be deaths?  Unnecessary and preventable deaths?

Look, I can go and get far much more money working in Australia, so give me what I demand.

So in Australia the patients would be safe because you’d be getting more money?

No, it’s all about the patients.

But all you want is more money?

Leave me alone, you Zionist. I’m feeling a need to go to my safe space until Jeremy is Prime Minister and bans the likes of you from ever asking such bad questions ever again, ever.