The whinging illegal immigrant

So, a deported illegal immigrant who was working for Byron Burgers, having used forged papers in order to get the job with Byron, is complaining that he feels ‘used’.

Feckin’ cheeky bastard.

It’s us, the British, who have been ‘used’. It’s the legitimate worker who’s been used, the one turned down for the job because the position had been filled by somebody who shouldn’t be here and had no legal right to work here. How terrible must it be for somebody applying for job after job, unable to get employment because illegal immigrants are employed instead?

illegalDid the now deported illegal immigrant apologise for taking the job of a legitimate worker? Of course not. Instead, he’s whinging on about how he paid tax, so should have been allowed to continue. What, and leave the willing legal worker on the dole? I don’t think paying tax is as important as the crime of depriving another human being from work.

Where does this culture of making a ‘wrong’ in some way ‘right’ by whinging come from? Are we going to get robbers claiming they have been unfairly arrested, and how they should have been given a five minute head start before the police chase started?

I’m sorry, but Mr Illegal Immigrant, you lied about who you were and you used forged documentation to take a job away from somebody else. That’s not morally right, let alone legally. You are a criminal. You are immoral. Nobody apart from left leaning media cares that you feel ‘used’.  You ‘used’ us. Get over yourself.

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  1. “Willing English worker” dont make me larff. Stopping for tea and a natter every 5 minutes. Lazy as sin. I make it a rule to never employ the useless sods.


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