Byron Burgers punished for obeying the law

You know how Momentum and the Corbynistas love nothing better than threatening rape to females they disagree with, and wishing death on the families of those who they consider have ‘crossed’ them?

Well, they’ve temporarily turned their attention to burgers instead. Byron Burgers are now their latest victims.

byronByron Burgers were accidentally employing people who had no authority to work in the UK. They did all the usual document checks, but the forgeries were particularly good, so they ended up employing illegal immigrants. They avoided the heavy fines that they faced by co-operating with the authorities who raided various branches rounding up the illegals.

This upset the Corbynista bullies, who fumed with outrage. How dare Byron assist in this. They have to be punished.

To be honest, Corbynistas already hate Byron Burgers anyway. Firstly, the burgers are made of meat. Most Corbynistas hate meat eaters, believing that everybody should be vegan and angry like them, or face a firing squad. Secondly, Byron is a bit of an upmarket place. Corbynistas are always angry and consumed with extreme envy of anybody who has a bit of money to spend on anything beyond cheap muesli in their own kitchen. They hate the trendy millennials that enjoy a nom nom nom at Byron.

So, with all this pre-installed hatred, they didn’t need much excuse to start attacking Byron. They held loud aggressive rallies outside. They filled the branches with cockroaches and flies, endangering the health of customers, and giving the staff the awful task of having to try to clear up.

Sadly, none of the Corbynistas was arrested or prosecuted for these actions.

Anyway, the bottom line is that the bizarre notion that it makes some kind of rational sense to viciously attack a restaurant because the authorities removed illegal immigrants working there, is only ‘logical’ to heavy skunk smokers. Skunk smokers have no idea what is real, fill their heads with crazy conspiracy theories, and spend their lives paranoid. And, of course, believe Jeremy Corbyn is some kind of god here to save them from evil.

We can expect much more irrational violence from them very soon.