Was Jesus all just made up?

This Bible thing is dead confusing, innit. Well, it’s not just a single book is it? It’s a collection of mini-books all written by different people at different times. And that’s why the stories have contradictions from book to book. Maybe the books they rejected when they were deciding what should go into the New Testament contained even more variations. Ok, they called them ‘Gospels’, not books, but really they were short essays, some written by the person named, sometimes written by somebody who could write, on behalf of the usually illiterate story teller.

jesusSo, of the Gospels chosen, there’s Luke and Matthew that mention the birth of Jesus. So, according to Luke, Jesus is born in a manger as Mary and Joseph are travelling to a census. But according to Matthew, Mary and Joseph haven’t heard of a census. Indeed, they aren’t even travelling. Oh, and Jesus is born in a house.

Then there’s the story of Herod trying to ensure the ‘slaughter of the innocents’ in order to ensure the destruction of the ‘newborn king’. Except that there is absolutely no record of any slaughtering of innocents. Anywhere. Well, anywhere outside of the one bizarre book, that is.

Speaking of the census. What census? There was no census taken during the reign of Herod. Indeed, the only one that can be found is one taken about ten years after Herod died. And that particular census was not even in the region that the bible story suggests.

Very confusing. How can so many people just accept that there are conflicting stories? Bizarre.

Even more bizarre is the fact that those composing the Bible decided to put conflicting accounts in.

I can only assume that the Christian faith requires no looking into the validity of the stories. It’s almost as if the whole Jesus Christ story is completely made up, innit.