Is the Labour party sexist?

So, the Leader of the SNP is female. A very strong female at that. The leader of the Scottish Conservative party is also an extremely strong female. And, since the Scots are so far ahead, even the leader of what remains of the Scottish Labour party is a female. Oh and then there’s the slightly odd Plaid Cymru over in Wales. It has a female leader.

thatcherAnd yet, when it comes to the UK as a whole, it’s only the Conservative party that has had female leaders. Two in my lifetime. One was extremely strong. The second one?  Well history is yet to record her strength.

Why have the Labour party only ever had wealthy white middle class men as their leaders? Isn’t Labour supposed to be the party for change and inclusion, and indeed, the party that pretends it is supportive of diversity, even though it is riddled with anti-Semites?

Strangely, the only party on a national level that has actually demonstrated that it truly is diverse and inclusive (and not anti-Semitic) is the Conservative party.

How can this be?

What on earth has happened to Labour?