Fear of Change

I’m constantly amazed by all the negativity surrounding the current countdown to freedom, to ‘Brexit’. All these awful sooth-sayers predicting doom and gloom. This fear of change. How do they ever take a chance at finding a better future in their own lives?

brollyI mean, think about getting married. The whole idea is that you take an informed ‘leap in the dark’ into a relationship from previously being single. With a bit of luck you suddenly find yourself building an exciting new life away from the boredom and drudgery of your previous lonely life. A home, a family, pets, a future. With luck it’s great fun and makes you feel alive.

Imagine if everybody was too frightened to ever date, forge a relationship and marry. Well, of course, pretty rapidly as a species we’d die off. The last of the human race would be the panicked and quivering wrecks of indecision and fear clinging to their mothers far too afraid to let go and start their own lives.

That’s a pretty accurate description of those who are currently terrified of the United Kingdom taking its own step into freedom. They keep trying to hold on to their mother’s bosom, terrified of being free and independant in the natural evolution of their life.

It’s time they learned that everything’s going to be ok. We’re not all doomed. There there.