Hating the LGBTQ community

What is it with this bizarre and twisted hatred of people who are different?

I mean, I appear to be straight, based on my attractions and experiences. I’m not, as far as I can tell, gay. Other people will be able to say that exact sentence, but swapping the positions of the words ‘straight’ and ‘gay’. And, of course there will those who don’t sit on one specific gay or straight designation. Maybe because they find themselves flip-flopping, or because they are neither or are questioning.

Look. Here’s the thing. I don’t personally ‘care’ what another person is. Not ‘caring’ sounds harsh, but I can’t think of a better word. I tried ‘mind’, but to mind or not mind, sounds like I’m making choices.

I don’t make a choice. I, well, just don’t care. It is irrelevant to me. Why should it matter to me?

I make choices to like or dislike people based on whether they are nice to me or to others, or whether they bore me, make me laugh, or, well, whatever it might be that attracts or repels any ‘friendships’. It never occurs to me to take into account their sexuality, any more than it does to take into consideration what toothpaste they use.

orlandoSo, I find it completely baffling that there are people out there that ‘hate’ people based on their sexuality.

I can ‘hate’ a person who has hurt others, especially if they’ve hurt me or mine, or if they are disruptive and a nasty piece of work. Maybe ‘hate’ is too strong a word here too. ‘Dislike’ is more realistic, maybe.

But I can neither dislike nor hate somebody because they are attracted to their same sex. How on earth does that hatred work?

To be all consumed with a passion, such a passion that my hatred manifested itself in the gunning down of 102 human beings that I don’t know (killing 49 of them) just because they are sexually different to me, is something that leaves me with a feeling of horror and disgust and upset and speechless. As much as I try to ‘get’ it, I just don’t ‘get’ it.

What’s it got to do with me what sexuality a person has? Nothing. What’s it got to do with anybody? Nothing.

But the Orlando mass-murderer decided it did have something to do with him. Not only that, but he had to destroy those who had different preferences to him. He could not live and let live.

Where does this all consuming terrible inner need to kill those who are different come from?

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  1. Isn’t the hatred that the loony with the gun showed, the same as the hatred that many have for the promiscuous Western society? I feel for those injured and the families of the murdered people, but I it’s somewhat awkward for the “LGBT” (didn’t that used to be a sandwich?) “communities” to hold solidarity vigils that they probably wouldn’t be holding if the victims were straight heterosexuals. Same if the victims on this occasion had been negro and the murderer caucasian , then there would be negro “solidarity” vigils around the world. Mass murder by a prat with a gun is a hate crime, whatever the shape, size, colour or orientation of the victims. To show “solidarity” with a particular group of people and not to do the same when a different group of people are victims, is the same form of discrimination that the same group would fight. I don’t mourn the stupid, needless deaths of some LBGT people on this occasion, I mourn the stupid, needless deaths of some people. People are people – unless you want to discriminate.


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