Time to expose the fake socialists

I know this activist within a trade union branch in Liverpool. He claims he is a socialist. At times he also claims that Jews (later he changed that to ‘Zionists’) are behind all the world’s evils. 9/11 was of course fake, and the various Islamic State groups are CIA ‘false flags’. He openly calls members of the Royal Family paedophiles, sometimes talks about lizards, and always blames ‘the Rothchilds’ for whatever he is ranting about.

You’ve guessed other parts of his profile already, haven’t you? Yep, he’s a very heavy skunk smoker. Aha. Explains so much.

Socialists doing what they do best

As a person and as a union man he is very shouty, abusive, aggressive and intimidating. He regularly threatens his membership that if he found out that anybody voted Tory he’d punch them in the mouth. He has reduced a girl to tears by yelling at her when she accidentally brought with her from another part of the country a copy of The Sun (The Sun is banned in the Socialist Republic of Liverpool, newsagents ‘catch fire’ if they stock it).

So, he’ll go on and on blaming the bankers, the this and the that, for tax avoidance and tax evasion. Remember tax avoidance is not wrong, it’s like setting up an ISA, but tax evasion is wrong. Tax evasion is not declaring and hiding money so that you don’t pay tax on it.

This is something he will scream and shout about when it comes to corporations, the wealthy, politicians (well, Tory ones), bankers, yada yada yada.

However, he is himself a tax evader. Not an avoider, an evader. Firstly, he refuses to pay his TV licence. The real reason for this is that part of the cost is the equivalent of a nice weekly supply of his favourite drugs.

Secondly, he plays in a band that does gigs at weddings and garden parties. They get paid very handsomely for this. However, he refuses to declare any of this income, and certainly would never dream of paying tax on it. He does mumble excuses for this that usually involve lizards and the illuminati, or anything in an attempt to distract and deflect from the reality that he is a tax evader.

Surely, tax evasion is wrong, whether that evasion is in the millions or just a few hundred. It’s still tax evasion.

But, to him it’s all fair game. He loses no sleep at night.

Sadly, this selfish man is a typical ‘grass roots’ socialist. There are many delusional oafs just like him. Don’t let them fool you into thinking they are in any way actual socialists. Socialism has been hijacked by these tax evading bullies. We need to expose them for what they really are!