Universal Credit is boss!

Across Liverpool, well, in the predominantly left-wing media that covers Liverpool, there is whinging about Universal Credit.

Universal Credit is the fairer and cheaper way that we workers hand over our cash to the shirkers. Apparently about 2,500 families will be worse off under the Universal Credit system. Or maybe they won’t. Those ‘do-gooders’ who are already moaning and saying, “S’not fair” on behalf of the shirkers aren’t even sure of the figures they feel they must protest about, but insist it’s going to be bad!

druggiecash.JPGTwo and a half thousand is probably about the same number across Merseyside that I see queuing at cashpoints come Midnight. See, at one minute past Midnight they can draw out their cash.

So, what’s the urgency causing them to do a midnight cash machine visit? Heck, it is such an urgency, some of them turn up in taxis, others bring kids who should have been in bed asleep, and it’s almost a major social event as they chat and laugh together as they wait their turn to get the cash.

Naive and stupid leftie journalists probably think it’s because they are desperate for food or a pint of milk or to charge up their Electricity or Gas meters. But it’s none of the above. It’s about drugs. Dole day is when they don’t have to steal from people or property in order to pay for their drugs. On dole day, we the workers are paying for their drugs.

After getting our hard earned cash out of the cash machine and putting it in their dirty hands, it’s time to join the queue for the phonebox. It’s from here that their drugs are ordered. Once ordered, it’s then off to an adjacent Bargain Booze type shop to get alcohol. Mission complete, the taxi takes them home again. That’s to the modernised and highly maintained free home we workers also pay for, whilst struggling to maintain and repair our own.

It becomes obvious to anybody stopping to watch this nightly ritual, that we are paying them far too much. It’s also obvious that they aren’t using what is supposed to be a helping hand from us in order to survive in order to pay for essentials. Well, unless crack cocaine and skunk are now classed as essentials.

Yeah, they’ll also get a taxi to and back from the food banks each week, in order to get the food they should have been spending our money on rather than the drugs alcohol and cigarettes they chose instead.

With a bit of luck the Universal Credit system will slowly weed out these parasites and cost us workers a little less than we are being bled for at the moment.