My lightning will strike

At 1 minute and 12 seconds past 3 this afternoon, I will be pressing a big red button. It’s a weather control button.

lightningAll the information and scheduling has been coded in, and I have set a target date. The date I have chosen is August 14th. That’s an anorak anniversary that is. Back in 1967 that’s when all the pirate radio stations closed down.

So, being May 14th I can easily aim at August 14th. The weather pattern I’ve decided to subject the UK to is unexpected lightning. There will be a lot of EMPs and so a lot of crackling on the radio. Indeed, some equipment might get blown out of action on the day in question.

I picked thunder and lightning as it is unexpected.

Well, it’s expected now, ‘cos I have gone public.

Imagine if the Met Office was able to predict the weather. To be able to be so specific a whole 3 months in advance! But, hell, those guys have absolutely no idea!

So, on August 14th I expect you to come back and revisit this article. And to stare in awe at the weather changing power of Christopher England. Mwahahahahaha.