Time to jail parents

Apparently parents are revolting. They know best. They want to take little Chardonnay out of school to take her on holiday as and when they want. They don’t care about her education.

Indeed, these parents are the ones who will later punch and threaten the teaching staff when their little Wayne ends up with low marks. They won’t blame themselves for having taken their child away from the learning environment, because it’s never their fault. It’s everybody else.

bullyIf their child is disruptive and naughty at school, they won’t accept the fact that the child has been put in detention or excluded from a class for good reason. Instead, once again, they’ll head straight in and scream into the face of a terrified teacher.

They will sign their child up for ballet or drama or learn-an-instrument lessons despite their child having no interest. When they were a child they didn’t get to go to ballet, and so now they are a parent they damn well will live the ballet they missed through their child who will damn well do the ballet or else.

At the little football league their parents will shout and scream and come to blows with other parents, rather than just allowing their child to develop their skills on their own.

All of these different types of aggressive and overpowering parents are not just revolting, they are evil. They are abusing their children and holding them back from their potential.

They should have their children removed from them and put with proper carers, foster parents who will love the child for whom the child is, engage with the child, and allow them to grow and mature properly.

The parents should be in prison, guilty of child abuse and neglect.