Enough of the duck faces already

It seems to be the case that it is the job of every social media user to take as many as 100 selfies every day.

In the early days this was done by standing in front of a mirror and striking a pose.  The resultant masterpiece would be a back to front photo.  For ages people would be staring at back to front or mirror photos alongside a full shot of the very mobile phone (usually an iPhone, since iPhone users tend to be the most vain and stupid) taking the photo.

Later it was all about extending the arm as far as possible and posing.  This soon incorporated the use of ‘selfie sticks’ to get the phone further away or to a higher position.

These days, apart from constantly taking photos of food, the trend is to pout and make a face like a duck. Yep, a duck. A duck face.

I’m guessing the trend for duck faces is in order that cheek bones can be seen or something.  However, the pouting duck face posers seem to miss the fact that they look completely stupid, and the duck face pout distracts from whatever cheek aspect they think they are highlighting.

A thousand photos of girls pouting like a duck? Why would they do that? They look stupid, ridiculous and, well, a bit mentally unwell!