Not cool, cruel for cats


I like cats, I do. I like them because they are human.  Erm.  Ok, I like them because they are their own persons. Erm. Cats.

In contrast a dog is a robot that exists to obey and fear humans. And rub its nose in other dog’s faeces. Love ’em.  Not.  Humans love to shout at them and beat them.

Cats don’t put up with this treatment.

Cats are boss.

And they are telepathic. Part of a huge feline communications network. And very clean.

So, why do stupid humans insist in bathing them?

Worse still, why do stupid humans insist in taking the piss out of them by colouring them in?

What wicked people coloured this cat green?  And shaved it.  And put stripes on it. And sculpted a reptilian ‘spine’?

Whoever you are, don’t you know anything about the species you are meddling with?

Tens of thousands of them now know what you have done.  They will wait, but they will eventually seek you out and punish you.

May your god have mercy on your soul!