It’s eating into all our brains

spaceshipearthHave you felt the anger? The despair? The seething?

By now you should be feeling it. It’s slowly spreading across the UK. The helplessness. The lethargy.

Is that the feeling you are fighting? The paranoia. Not knowing whether it’s fight or flight you should pick?

Yes, it’s affecting everybody. Not just the users of cocaine, skunk and other forms of cannabis. But, ordinary people.

Ordinary people have that feeling growing in their heads. The frustration. The pressure.

What does it all mean? Where has this national virus come from? What is it the prelude to?

Why can’t you concentrate? Why can’t you focus?

What is doing this to you?

Is it a sickness? Is it being done deliberately? How long have you got?

By the time you find out will it be too late to develop and implement a cure?