Stop the Facebook Freebooting

Freebooting is the name given to the stealing of Youtube videos and re-uploading them to Facebook in order to make money for Facebook (obvs) and the Freebooter if Facebook has such an arrangement with them.  Most importantly, it deprives the content creator and intellectual property rights owner of any income that would have been generated by people viewing their video on Youtube.  It’s not moral and not fair.

Personally, I have taken the decision to never watch videos on Facebook, but if the subject looks interesting I’ll go and search for it on Youtube, and watch it how the original creator intended rather than the stolen content copied to Facebook.

It seems to me that if users of Facebook cared about the creator of the content they want to share, they’d just provide a link to the original Youtube video (as I have below) rather than going through the process of scraping and downloading the video off of Youtube and re-uploading it to Facebook.

I know why they don’t.  It’s because Facebook have deliberately stopped links to Youtube embedding as playing videos.  Sneaky!  It’s part of their spoiler activity as they go up against Google and challenge Youtube‘s dominance by enhancing their own Facebook video system and block links to Youtube. Bastards.

Facebook Freebooters are evil thieves and must be stopped.

To understand this further please watch this simple explanation from Destin Sandlin on Youtube:

And read more at Joe Hanson’s site, here.