The great ‘fog’ mask of 2015

There was a man-made blanket of ‘fog’ over the UK up to today when it started to clear. But what was it there to hide?

I took this photo of Liverpool from Everton Park, a kind of hill in the north from which you can usually look down on Liverpool and the River Mersey. On a really clear day you can see across to the mountains of Wales.  But not on this particular day.

Something was going on way up high, something that they didn’t want us to know about. Something so important that they were happy to spend millions of Pounds generating the ‘fog’ to hide.

As you know, it’s very unusual for the entire UK to suffer from such a blanket ‘fog’. And it’s very costly, opening all the secret vents around the country in order to fuel it. In some areas they have to put the locals to sleep in order to vent to the sky and not be seen. Putting locals to sleep using a low resonance wave is slightly dangerous as it can trigger fits and bad migraines. Hence why the Health and Safety advisory is that it shouldn’t be done more than once a year. And of course this means that when it is used in order to mask the venting of chemicals needed to generate the ‘fog’ it can’t safely be used again if the need to do so is even more urgent.

The ‘fog’ can be left in place for a maximum of three days before they start the fans (including the pretend wind turbine generators that use a lot of electricity to create wind when they are not turning wind into electricity) and we all feel the breeze blowing the ‘fog’ all away. By its very nature it is an impenetrable force-field not letting anything in or out of the area it covers, so the replenishment of oxygen supplies is stopped, leaving the human beings below at the beginning of asphyxiation. Did you feel the lack of fresh air until the fans came on?

So, back to the most recent UK ‘fog’. What was happening up above in the sky so blue?

Was there secretly some kind of shield raised to protect us all from harmful fragments of the asteroid that swung into Earth orbit before pinging off on its way? Was there some kind of firefight between alien spacecraft and human craft? Did they launch a new interplanetary Ark? There are so many possibilities.

But are we happy that they won’t let us know what’s really going on?