There’s nothing wrong with UK Sharia law

There’s nothing wrong with Sharia law in Britain if that’s what the locals want, surely?

How can it be wrong for the people of, for example, Tower Hamlets, Bradford or Slough, to want to set their own local laws, local language, local religions and to decide what is taught in local schools? How can it be wrong for them to want to run their own local affairs, free from interference from other parts of the UK?

It isn’t wrong.

The primary population in those areas are quite strictly Muslim, usually with Pakistani traditions even if they and their parents were born in Britain.  Their lives include their own local laws and customs underpinned by Sharia law. The local customs include the requirement that women dress modestly and adhere to the rules handed down locally. The holy day is Friday, so what is the point of the area having to adhere to Sunday trading laws? Sunday is just a day of the week to the local population. How dare an irrelevant British tradition be imposed upon them?

In those areas most businesses have signs and notices in non-English, and it’s quite right that street signage should also be displayed in the dominant language of the area.

Nothing is wrong with this in any way. And yet people across the rest of the UK don’t like it. They think it is wrong. How can it possibly be wrong?

Nobody thought it was wrong when the people of Scotland took control of the area they lived in. Nobody thinks it is wrong that there is growing unrest and desire for separation that currently infests Wales. Or Cornwall. Or Liverpool. How is any of it wrong?

Our fragmented and fractured British society has lost its unity, its common goal, its common identity, its way. We are slowly pulling up the drawbridges and returning to the feudal and medieval ages of small self-contained ‘kingdoms’ or ‘shires’ or ‘counties’. We have almost started to dig moats around ourselves to keep away the outsiders. And, as in medieval times and earlier, the requirement is that the rule of law is decided by those who run each smaller self-determined area.

And, as in medieval times and earlier, those running the local area deliberately encourage the suspicion and hatred of anybody from the outside. It is especially important that the local community mistrusts and hates anything that defines or unites the Britishness. ‘Britain’ is almost a swear word now, and the idea is to make it loathed by as many as possible as we return to the ‘War of the Roses’ and smaller.

Removing ‘Britishness’ has been a long and calculated process.  It has been achieved by agitation to resurrect and enhance ‘local identity’. The Welsh and Scottish having this done by increasing an emphasis on ‘language’. ‘English’ is considered a dirty language, whilst the once nearly dead languages are imposed upon everybody living in an area. The reason for this is to foster the inability to communicate and understand outsiders, and, more importantly, to isolate outsiders from understanding them. You wouldn’t want them infecting the local people with ideas and thoughts you’d not approved of.  Dividing and ruling is always best done by ensuring that different communities don’t share a language and so therefore cannot communicate.

I mean, imagine women in Bradford talking to other women and then wanting to stop covering themselves so much, or to have choice over who they married? What about the horror of a Scot going for a meal with an English person and having to pay for it? Imagine the outcry if a Welsh person started singing or listening to English songs! How terrible if people from outside of a particular area could actually understand the language of a specific area.  You wouldn’t want any of that evil ‘integration’ would you? It is so important to be able to talk about people right in front of them without them being able to understand a word being said.

It is wrong to have the double standards of complaining about Muslim areas of Britain wanting self-rule while allowing such luxuries in other areas. If it’s okay for, say, the Welsh and the Scots, it’s okay for those living in areas like Bradford to have self rule and their own identity and language.


  1. Perhaps a reasonable rule of thumb to apply might be that if you are Scottish & want to be Scottish, then Scotland is the ideal place for it. Equally, if you’re Welsh & want to be Welsh, well, Wales is a really good place for that.

    Can this also apply that if you’re Pakistani and you want to remain Pakistani, well, Pakistan is a really good place for that. However, if any of you want to be English, accept out Queen as the head of state & the head of our Church, join the WI, become a Morris/Molly Dancer, let your children grow up English, support England in sport & go to the pub now & then, well England is a really good place for that…

    The Indians are quite good at being fiercely British and joining in with the wider community, with relatively minor concessions to their religions, as are many other immigrants and their (English) offspring. Most accept the Queen as head of state, many join the armed forces and police, and manage to live without a chip on their shoulder. Many are not that concerned when their children grow up English, drift away from their religion & much of their culture and marry other English people. It’s called integration.

    However, many Muslims from wherever, don’t actually seem to want to be here, nor to be English, nor to follow our laws & customs. Many Muslims living here seem to retain close contact with their “homelands” for holidays, arranging marriages & goodness knows what else. Perhaps those that seem to hate the English & our kultcha need reminding that being here is optional, especially if you don’t want your children to be English.

    The English don’t have anywhere else to go to be English.

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  2. We don’t moan about the Vikings and demand they all ‘go home’. Nor do we say much about the Saxons. Or how about those pesky Romans bringing their society changing Christianity into the country? All of ’em came over ‘ere and the local customs were changed to accommodate them. Why should it be different for those of a Pakistani heritage?


  3. I believe that the Norwegians, with their particular brand of rape & pillage, were fought tooth & nail by the Germans, Danish and other people already living here, as were the Italians before them & the Frenchers in 1066. The fighting & civil wars went on for centuries in each case, but kind of fizzled out 500 years ago.

    It is told that the Scots came from Ireland & wiped out the Norwegians living in Scotland; and the only true English, ran from the Italians in England and now are mainly the Welsh. (probably why Cardiff & Swansea soccer teams are in the English Premier League?)

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