All hail Comrade Corbyn

So, last week’s Labour conference saw the rollercoaster that is Jeremy Corbyn elevated to not only the top 1% earners in the country, but also to a living sainthood.

Well, except of course, any true left of centre activist is not religious, and so therefore rejects sainthoodery. So, Jezza must have been elevated to, well, guruhood, or something. Karl Marx is buried in Highgate Cemetery next to where I used to live, and he always had pilgrimages to his tomb who would stand in tearful silent worship, er, respectful silence, and would leave tokens of love. Typically they kill perfectly healthy flowers by chopping off the pretty bits at the top in order to leave them there. Yeah, these sheeple had no respect for living things, of course. As is their way.

The living things they disrespect the most are of course, human beings. The hatred of humanity is such that Jezza once signed a motion hoping that our species is wiped out by an asteroid striking the earth. Strange for a person with so much hatred and self-loathing to then want to lead the species that should be exterminated. Even stranger that he has publicly said he won’t be pressing the ‘nuke’ button. Evah. Surely a human-hater would want to trigger those missiles at the earliest opportunity! How can Jezza be such a contrarian? Is obliteration by nuclear strike too fast a death? Does he want to do it slower and with maximum pain?

Maybe he needs to spend the first part of his position of power making people further hate those who work and have attained things in life. That appears to be important to the left despite Corbyn pretending he wants ‘kinder politics’. That’s why they threatened to rape a young Tory girl in Manchester and spat at journalists heading to the Conservative conference. That’s why they scared children and acted menacingly outside of a cafe selling cereal in East London. Rather than just not use it, their way is to destroy it. They do this when they see expensive cars. They love nothing more than keying them.

The politics of division doesn’t just stop at teaching their sheeple to hate those who have earned their way up to be able to afford a nice car, but also tries to teach self-loathing and to accept blame for anything that touches a nerve from a list of supposed ‘wrongs’.

This includes teaching self loathing for what our great great great whatever ancestors did with regard to enslaving and abusing other races and cultures around the world. We, today, are to blame and must be eternally apologising for the slave trade. It’s a bit like being sent to prison for a murder somebody else committed 200 years before we were born. That’s the logic.

However, we are not allowed to apologise to Jews for the Holocaust, since most of the Jezza sheeple are Holocaust deniers and hide an underlying anti-Semitism in their over enthusiastic support of Palestine.

We are also to blame for the disastrous migrant crisis, and so we must let them into our homes and the lifeboat that is our country, regardless of whether there’s room for them, or whether we will all sink. Guilt is an important tool for the True Labour movement.

Another part of the teaching of self-loathing is on bogus environmental issues. We are forced to believe that the climate is changing catastrophically and guess what? Yep, it’s all our fault. We are to blame. Despite there being no measured increase in temperatures for nearly 20 years, the whole global warming meme is adored by Corbynistas who regularly give dates for the end of the world.

Those who write more eloquently than I will have all the correct buzzwords for this method of taking over the minds of the sheeple. It works in many different countries.

Should Corbyn win the next General Election, at age 71, then the mind-fucking will really begin.