Liverpool on the unhappy list

Yep, it’s official. According to an ONS survey, Liverpool is officially the 5th unhappiest place in the whole of the UK!

Coming behind Dover, which is behind Dundee City and Cannock Chase, Liverpool is 5th unhappiest to Bolsover. Bolsover is the unhappiest place evah. (I’ve never been there.  It sounds depressing)

But why is Liverpool so unhappy?

You see I’m thinking that it depends on who you ask.

Now, obviously, the many thousands of students that swell the city each year aren’t unhappy.  Neither are the hundreds of clubbers and ravers that pack the city most weekends along with the hen parties and stag parties that travel from far away to have a very happy time.

I don’t think the influx of New Scousers – people who chose Liverpool as their home or place of work – are unhappy.  Liverpool is a great place to live and a great place to work.

But, I’m betting it’s the Old Scousers who are unhappy. It’s the Old Scousers, slowly becoming a minority, who traditionally are moaners.  They whinge and moan about everything.  The original almost unintelligible accent is in itself a whine.

Apart from going on about Margaret Thatcher as if she’s still the Prime Minister, the Old Scousers lean towards racism, bigotry, alcoholism, drug addiction, gambling and voluntary unemployment.  So, that all contributes to their misery.

In recent times the Government has been trying to get the Old Scousers to find jobs.  This has not made them happy.  They much prefer to live on hand-outs and the rewards of crime, in the free houses they are given once they leave their parents’ free homes. The idea of ‘paying their way’ is unheard of, and makes them unhappy.

Sadly, the vast majority of the Old Scousers are unemployable. They refuse to attend training or to stop smoking dope long enough to be trainable.  They end up being sanctioned and some of their free income gets reduced and that makes them unhappy.

I don’t know what the answer is.  They are mainly a lost generation who get what they want by moaning and blaming everybody else but themselves, rather than trying to improve their lot by getting a wash and becoming part of the bigger society.  Being asked to stop being scroungers makes them very unhappy.