Was Jesus gay?

Christianity isn’t alone in its homophobia. Islam hates gay people too. And so do Jews.

Yeah, all the Middle Eastern originating religions hate gays.

Yet, most of the accounts of Jesus from the Bible seem to portray him as gay and surrounded by a mob of gay men.

Heck, even John 13:23 openly boasts about it: “Now there was leaning on Jesus’ bosom one of his disciples, whom Jesus loved.

They never mention women other than in a very derogatory manner.

Apart, of course, from Jesus’ mother.

Gay men do have a tendency to hold their mother with a complete reverence, putting them on a pedestal, almost as an object of worship.

And, guess what?  That’s exactly how Jesus’ mother is treated in the Bible.  So, that’s conclusive evidence, surely?

Here’s the confusion.  Christians are so homophobic.  Why, when the man they worship was obviously gay?