The dangerous human-hating faith replacing Christianity

Why is it that those who don’t unquestioningly ‘believe’ a particular ‘faith’ usually know more about it than the ‘believers’?

Weird, innit?

Take the ‘facts’ behind Christianity.  Drill down into to ‘knowledge’ that most of the ‘faithful’ have, and it’s not a lot. Beyond bizarre shouty stock phrases like “The Lord eats ferrets when ferrets turn into bananas” or “He died because of our sins”. Neither phrase makes any sense when you ask what it means, or try to acquire some form of logical explanation from a ‘believer’. Ask a believer about what happened where according to the fables, and they usually have a far smaller knowledge than an atheist, agnostic, or even a person following a rival faith.

ceclimatereligionThis lack of knowledge of the available ‘scientific’ facts is mirrored in one of the latest faiths, the cult of global warming.  Followers of the global warming faith behave more or less identically to followers of the Christian faith.

In both cases, they frighten, insult and threaten anybody outside of their belief. Where Christians threaten non-believers with hell and damnation, ‘warmists’ threaten non-believers with catastrophic disaster.  Both cults are pretty hot on the blame game.  Not only is everything bad because of humanity’s ‘sins’, but repentance is essential.  Not to mention confessing to some imagined ‘guilt’.

What confuses ‘those of faith’ beyond anger is that most non-believers in catastrophic man-made global warming actually understand more of the actual science than they do.  The faithful listen only to the highly financed advocacy organisations who, like Christians, have little interest in the actual science or facts available.  They try to silence the sceptics and those who study the actual facts, and so know more about the subject than they do.

They love the feeling of helplessness, blame and guilt, and they love shouting at and hating other human beings.

Surely these are extremely dangerous people.