The evolution of the desk

Ok, yes, I know this moving gif is really an advert (if you are viewing this via an old fashioned platform like Facebork, you’ll need to click through to in order to see it move), but this is so true. I can remember a time when the office ‘desk’ was a large collection of ‘stuff’.

Today, there’s absolutely no need for any of it.  You don’t even need a set desk.  Just ask the people at Google.  They move and shuffle about the building and home, working wherever feels creative and are completely portable.

Heck, even walking around for pleasure we only need to be accompanied by one device.  At one time we’d carry a compass, a map, a camera, a phone, a pager, a book to read, etc., etc., etc.

So, it’s not only the humble desk that’s changed.

It’s all change for the good, too.


Although I previously found the above gif unattributed on Google+, I’ve subsequently been told that it is a gif of an original video to be found here: 

Not only is the actual original video vastly superior to the gif, hence why I’d urge you to take a look and to enjoy it directly, the producers at Best Reviews spent a lot of time and resources creating it.  I am happy to acknowledge their copyright, apologise for not previously attributing the gif / video to them, and I thank them for kindly allowing me to continue displaying the gif in this article.