Did women write the Satanic Bible?

Men are dicks.  Especially young men.  And bearing in mind that the ancient desert tribes, whose mutterings have formed parts of the current religion virus that still infects so many today, didn’t live much beyond their late 20s, then everything about them was immature and like bunches of children fighting in a playground. All of which is reflected in their ‘Books’ of rules and tales of their history. Their awful violent history, usually at the hands of a maniac they refer to as a ‘god’.

All of those Middle Eastern religions come with a lot of rules about how to treat women.  In all cases women are a commodity, something to own, to buy and sell, to use and abuse.  They are born to be this, and are not allowed to be individuals or to be free.

I’ve read most of the Torah, New Testament and Q’uran, and it’s extremely obvious that they are the words of pretty awfully misogynistic boys, who are at that age where they need to appear aggressive and yet are immature enough to be scared of women.

I’ve not read the Satanic Bible.  I didn’t even know there was one. But, its teachings about how we should treat women seem far less violent and disgusting than those of the other three ‘Books’.

Could it be that Satanism is a superior ‘way’ to the ‘ways’ of those old desert children?  Is Satanism worth following?  It sure seems to be.  Maybe it’s time for the followers of the cruel religions to turn and be born again as Satanists! Have Satanists ever actually killed anybody?  I mean, according to their own ‘Books’, especially the Torah / Old Testament, Satan killed only 10. Meanwhile, the ‘god’ killed over 2,476,633 deliberately and mercilessly for various reasons centring on not doing as they were told. That’s what it says in the ‘Books’.

So maybe Satan isn’t so bad after all.

And maybe the greatest achievement of ‘god’ is to con its followers into believing that it isn’t the evil one.