Why are we more attractive to foreigners than the French?

We here in the UK might moan and complain about our lot, but there must be something vastly better about living here than, say, well, let’s just pick a country at random, umm, I dunno, let’s pick France, for example.

Yes, France.

France is now, a bit like the UK, an extremely multicultural society with different and differing cultures living separate lives in the same geographical area.

Probably, a bit like the UK it is, for those who bother, a land of opportunity.  Heck, it’s also a republic, within which there is equality and no mentally ineffective royals who wish we were all dead.

So, apart from the stupid French language, and hey, the traditional language of the land is usually ignored and irrelevant to newcomers these days, arriving as they do with their own languages, their own tv, radio and newspapers, their own, well, everything. The geographical place they live in is irrelevant.

This being the case, why are so many of those who are in France trying to illegally get over here?

I mean, I could understand it if France was a country at war with itself, with bombs going off, buildings being destroyed, and children dying in the street.  But, it isn’t.  There’s no shortage of food and water and nobody is living in fear of their life.  France is kinda like the UK except they drive on the wrong side of the road and have road signs in French.

So, why would anybody want to leave?

A lot of souls have to leave their original countries in fear.  They usually migrate ‘illegally’ crossing borders into neighbouring countries.  If neighbouring countries are hostile, they may have to pass through them as well in order to get to safety.

But once they’ve reached safety, isn’t that when they stop, settle down and try to rebuild their lives?

Sometimes the illegal migrants in France waiting to get into the UK have travelled through a few safe and inviting countries they could have settled down in.

They don’t settle because they have one target country on their mind; the United Kingdom.

But why?

What is it that we offer that all the other peaceful and prosperous countries on route don’t offer?

What is it that we offer that none of the countries on route with climates, languages and lifestyles more like those the migrant is accustomed to don’t offer?

What is it that we offer that makes them hang dangerously onto the axles of lorries heading for the UK?

Well.  If we want to stop these people from coming illegally and dangerously into our country, maybe what we need to do is cease providing whatever it is that attracts them so much compared to them being happy to build a life in France, n’est pas?